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Terms & Conditions



A smart traveller knows that every good deal comes with a list of Terms & Conditions (T&Cs). Reading through these T&Cs can be rather tedious, but this is the only way airlines can provide you with all the important information related to your purchase.


Unfortunately, travellers may choose not to read the T&Cs, which can sometimes lead to issues. Read and understand the T&Cs before making a purchase, and keep a copy with you when you travel, in the event of a dispute.


If you are unclear about certain T&Cs, consult the airline before making the purchase.


The airline should prominently display the following T&C’s before you purchase an air ticket:

  • Cancellation fees

  • Refunds and rebooking policies 

  • Baggage allowance policies 

  • No-show policies (Consumer not turning up for a booked flight at the airport)

  • Validity of passenger’s travel documents


This is also applicable for ticket purchased through travel agents.