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Updated onDikemaskini pada 16, Jun 2021 


Frequent travellers will be well acquainted with the different baggage allowances between different carriers. Whilst this is so, you should always be more conscientious when packing for your trips.

Why is it important to pack light?

We tend to overpack and end up wearing only half of what we take on trips. Being simple-minded about what you need definitely makes you feel more organised. The best part of packing light is that you won’t feel like you’re hitting the gym every time you carry that bag from point A to point B.

Another positive side to packing light is that you will be doing your bit with regards to the environment. The heavier the bags in the aircraft, the more fuel is burnt. No harm in doing good for the environment by packing light.

Do you want to be a savvy packer?

Start with the right bag

The simplest way to pack less is to give yourself less space. By choosing to travel with a smaller bag you’ll find yourself packing more efficiently and travelling lighter. Be sensitive to the size and material of the bag as it may affect the weight of the bag. Hard case bags are generally much heavier than soft case bags.

Pack ‘must haves’, not the ‘nice to have’ items

Packing light requires sacrifices. You can’t pack clothes for every possible occasion. You should only bring what you wear on an average day. Don’t worry! No one is going to judge you.

Important and essentials

Always keep your important travel documents together, such as your passport, travel itinerary, travel insurance policy, wallet and other essentials. By putting them in the same place, you are less likely to misplace them and remember not to check-in these items, always carry them with you.

Only one of everything

Do not take too many items just to have ‘options’. Most travellers almost never wear half the clothing they take with them. For example, when it comes to footwear a pair of flipflops is all you need if you’re heading to the beach, a pair of walking shoes and only if necessary, and for business, a pair of dress shoes. Also, if you’re only heading to the beach it’s also very unlikely you will need dress shoes.

Dress for the occasion

With many places, modesty can be a concern. This is why it makes sense to travel with a scarf you can use to cover your head or your legs with or a thin cardigan that you can quickly put on in case you intend to visit religious places like mosques, churches or even temples. Some places may not allow entry without the appropriate attire.

Stay connected

If you’re a frequent cross-country traveller, you may consider investing in a travel adaptor or converter. Although many commonwealth countries may use the 3-pin plug, many do not. Countries like US, Japan, Thailand and China all use different types of wall sockets, so make sure you get one to always stay connected.

Really light, really fast

For travellers who are going out of town for a couple of days, sometimes a check in luggage is not even necessary. Pack smart and travel only with hand luggage. A sure way to skip long check- in lines, which means quick in, quick out. This would be advisable for frequent travelers who do not carry much.

Extra luggage, extra charges

There are cost implications for being over the limit. Without thinking ahead you’re opening yourself to paying more than you initially thought.

There are a ton of other ways you can make your travels more convenient, so find what best suits your travel style. Use these tips to ease your future travels. By making these habits and reminders, you will be able to enjoy your travels with minimal stress.

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