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Flight Status Communication



Flight status can change for any number of reasons. It’s always frustrating for travellers when airlines don’t inform you in advance. 

Planned flight rescheduling

With the Malaysian Aviation Consumer Protection (Amendment) Code 2019, airlines must inform consumers between 12 to 48 hours when there’s a planned flight rescheduling of 3 hours or more (before or after the scheduled departure time). 


Verification letter on flight delay or cancellation

You may also request a verification letter from the airline if you have been affected by a flight cancellation or delay of 30 minutes or more. An airline should revert within 7 days from the day the request for the verification letter has been made. 

This letter helps when a traveller wishes to claim from the insurance company.


Route cessation or airlines discontinue to operate

When airlines discontinue to operate a route, travellers must be notified at least 1 month prior to the cessation date of a particular flight.