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If you have a disability or are travelling with someone who may have one or several of the following impairments – physical, mental, intellectual or sensory – it’s important to be aware of the assistance that airlines provide to make flying comfortable for everyone. This assistance should be provided from the time you arrive at the airport until the time of departure.


The airline you are booking with cannot use the impairment as grounds to stop a person from booking or boarding a flight. An exception can only be made if the boarding process has implications on safety or if the aircraft’s size or doors make it physically impossible for the person to board the plane. The smart thing is to plan in advance, and ask all the necessary questions, either online or via a call centre.


Inform the airlines at least 48 hours before the flight of your impairments and needs, and find out what time you need to check in to avail yourself of their assisted travel services, like wheelchairs.