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[post_published] : Osaka, Japan

Malaysian flights to Osaka have been cancelled due to a typhoon that has caused major destruction in western Japan, resulting the closure of Kansai International Airport. Further disruption of flights should be expected in and out of Osaka between 4 till 9 September.

If you are travelling to Osaka soon, you may want to check with your respective airline about the possibility of rerouting, deferring your travel dates or requesting for a full refund of your flight ticket. Provide your personal details to the airline at the point of booking to allow the airline to send alerts or update you on the flight status. It’s also important to have contingency plans in place and check with your travel insurance provider before travelling.

If you’re in the areas that have been affected, stay calm and exercise caution. Stay indoors and make sure you have sufficient food supply. Turn off main power switches to be safe from any electrical current and consider the safety of your accommodation, exit routes as well as follow the advice of the local authorities. To find out more about your travel rights, log on to