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Travel smart

during natural disasters.

Updated onDikemaskini pada 18, Jun 2021

You can never plan enough when it comes to natural disasters, but you can be well prepared as a traveller.

Know your destination
Make sure you research the destination that you are planning to travel to. When you get to your destination, get to know the details of the evacuation procedures and routes from your hotel. If you’re travelling in a group, it will be wise to agree on a meeting point with fellow travellers.

If you’re in the Hotel
If you’re not near the ground floor, try not to leave the hotel
during the earthquake. Seek shelter under a table or bed and stay
away from items like book shelves. Important that you lay down
with your arms over your head.

Experiencing earthquakes near coastal regions 
Move inland to the highest point. With earthquakes, there may be a
possibility of a tsunami.

Getting updates from your airline
Ensure you provide your personal details to the airline when you make a booking.
This will ensure you obtain the latest updates that might affect you directly.
You will receive updates for possible delays or cancellations.

Register and make a list
Register with your nation’s embassy.
Make sure you have a list of emergency contact numbers, local emergency
services, hospitals and embassies or consulates. Also bring a
list of emergency words and phrases.

Know your rights
Disasters can change your travel plans in an instant. It’s always good to be prepared by knowing your rights as a traveller. To find out more, log on to

Always remember to try and help fellow travellers in need of assistance. Most importantly, always remember to travel smart and safe