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We all look forward to the Raya break, whether it’s to balik kampung for Raya celebrations with the family or simply take this time to travel the world. Whilst the announcement of more flights is a sigh of relief for many of us planning last minute travels, it does mean airlines and airports need to prepare themselves for an additional 140,264 passengers that are ready to take to the skies.

Imagine the congestion!
Here’s a few simple tips to make sure your trip is a more pleasant one:


1. Get to the airport early
Plan ahead to avoid the influx of passengers rushing to check-in and board their flights.


2. Check-in online
Web check-in and mobile check-in services are a smarter way to go, to avoid the long lines at the airport. Online check-in is usually available between 14 days to an hour prior to the scheduled time of departure, depending on the airline that you are travelling with.
Note, most check-in counters for both international and domestic flights will close 60 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time.


3. Be prepared. Purchase travel insurance.
With so many flights and fellow travellers on the move, mishaps may occur. Compensation from the airlines is sometimes insufficient to cover losses and purchased travel insurance can cover the additional losses.


4. Carry light. Carry Smart.
Carrying more than you should for the family is tempting. Make sure you are aware of weight limits for your luggage. Ensure you have a light carry-on to keep important items safe, such as your passport, travel documents, a change of clothing and currency. Snap a photo of all your items that you are travelling with in the event of lost baggage. Keep your receipts or proof of value to validate your claims.


5. Keep calm in the event of  flight delays or cancellations.
Now whilst this might not happen to you, it’s wise to expect the unexpected. Depending on whether you experience delays or cancellations, you have the right to receive the following:
2 hours delay or more: meals, telephone calls, internet access.
5 hours delay or more: Hotel accommodation (if necessary)
Cancelled flight: A full refund or an alternative flight.


6. Make a complaint
If you do experience an issue with your flight, first lodge a report with the airline or airport. If it i’s not resolved within 30 days, submit a complaint to MAVCOM via


Follow these simple tips and make your Raya break a pleasant one.
To all fellow travellers, happy travels ☺. To those celebrating, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!