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Updated onDikemaskini pada 18, Jun 2021

Savvy travellers know that arming themselves with travel insurance is the smart thing to do; it’s the most important thing you hope you’ll never need.


Travel insurance protects you against the unforeseen and unexpected – baggage loss, injuries, illnesses, and flight cancellations, amongst other things. Medical expenses can run up very quickly in some markets, and good travel insurance will cover the cost of hospital stays and reimbursable expenses.
You can opt for annual coverage, or per trip, depending on how frequently you travel.  And you can buy it with your airline ticket as an optional extra, or independently.
Whatever you decide, be sure to read the details, terms and conditions carefully before you purchase, or contact the insurance provider for more information.  
And when you travel, keep a copy of the policy or the policy number handy – you never know when you will need it!