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Updated onDikemaskini pada 18, Apr 2022

Ever met a traveller happy with flight delays? Probably not.


But hang on, sometimes delays are unavoidable, such as when:
  • There is heavy traffic volume at a particular airport
  • Airport operations are disrupted by weather or unexpected staff issues
  • Air traffic control requirements
  • Or there are issues related to aircraft maintenance, crew scheduling and refuelling.
The most important thing to remember is that airlines need to take all measures to ensure the safety of passengers, and sometimes that simply takes a little bit longer. It could be just 10-15 minutes (and yet the flight somehow arrives on time!) and at other times, it is longer.
What you need to know:

Airlines are obliged to communicate changes in a flight status to you as soon as possible

Delays of two hours or more entitle you to meals, phone calls and internet access

Delays of five hours or more entitle you to meals, phone calls, internet access, hotel accommodation (if an overnight stay is necessary) and transport to and from your hotel.